Intellectual Property Law

Epps & Coulson attorneys serve all your intellectual property needs. We work with our clients by providing legal tools and solutions in developing trademark, copyright, and patent rights. We will help you build, protect, and ensure that your rights are protected, through litigation if necessary.

Our team of attorneys and its affiliates have experience in working with a myriad of creative and innovative clients ranging from musicians, entertainment, and media, to manufacturing and healthcare. The firm’s attorneys are committed to forming and maintaining long standing client relationships built on client’s goals. As your General Counsel we can provide legal guidance including:

  1. Evaluate, Develop, Apply for and Secure IP Rights Whether Copyright, Trademark, or Patent
  2. Obtain Brand Ownership, Licensing/Distribution Agreements and Advertising
  3. Develop Strategy for Building and Exploiting the IP to Protect its Value
  4. Investigate and Purchase IP Rights
  5. Analyze Patents for Validity and Infringement
  6. Develop Protocols for Protecting Trade Secrets
  7. Provide Business Solutions to Conflicts, Including Before, During and After Litigation
  8. Protect and Litigate Enforcement of IP Rights, Infringement, Non-Compete and Overuse in Federal Agency Appeal Board and at times, State Courts
  9. Copyright and Design Litigation
  10. Trade Dress and Trademarks Litigation
  11. Licensing Disagreement
  12. Fair Use and Employee IP Theft
  13. Unfair Competition Matters
  14. Purchase IP Holder Rights, Licensee Rights, and IP Assets out of Bankruptcies