Corporate Governance

The attorneys at Epps & Coulson have been helping organizations develop and manage their Corporate Governance Policies that will help them protect their corporation’s assets and navigate the company to a successful outcome.

Our team is uniquely qualified to advise executives, directors, boards, and committees of both public and private companies of their fiduciary responsibilities and help them establish Governance Policies that will safeguard their company and keep them in compliance.

As your outside Corporate Governance Lawyers, we counsel clients on all aspects of Corporate Governance including:

  1. Drafting Corporate Policies
  2. Reviewing Corporate Policies
  3. Board Committee Structure
  4. Organizational/Regulatory Challenges
  5. Employee Compensation Policies
  6. Counsel Board Members
  7. Attend Board Meetings
  8. Drafting/Updating By-Laws
  9. Annual Filings
  10. Conflicts of Interest
  11. Ethics Training & Enforcement
  12. Drafting Employee Agreements
  13. Employee Handbooks
  14. Operations Contracts
  15. Identify and Evaluate Risk Management
  16. Audits and Reviews
  17. Mergers and Acquisitions
  18. Review/Negotiate Commercial Contracts/Leases
  19. Investigations
  20. Review Compliance Programs
  21. Mediation/Arbitration/Litigation
  22. Reorganization/Exit Strategies