Epps & Coulson’s corporate attorneys provide counseling to entrepreneurs, emerging growth companies, partnerships, joint ventures, family businesses and public companies. As your trusted advisors we are familiar with the legal issues that growing businesses face.

We offer advice on legal and everyday business matters to help develop the best and most comprehensive solutions and strategies before they become conflicts. Having a deep knowledge and understanding of your organization allows us to engage more fully in developing your business entity and provide legal support consistent with your needs and budgets. We work in advising our clients of their rights, responsibilities, and duties under the law. Our strength lies in being committed to forming and maintaining long-standing client relationships built on trustworthiness and dependability.

Examples of the type of Corporate Counsel Services we provide include:

  1. Corporate Formation, Governance and Operation
  2. Choice of Jurisdiction
  3. Negotiate Deals on Property Purchase/Real Estate Lease Drafting
  4. Venture Capital
  5. Marketing
  6. Distribution
  7. License & Supply Agreements
  8. Operations Contracts
  9. Drafting Employment Agreements
  10. Loans and Finance Contracts
  11. Mergers and Acquisitions
  12. Equity and Debt Financing
  13. Reorganization/Exit Strategies/Bankruptcy’s
  14. Intellectual Property
  15. Government Regulations
  16. Regulatory Compliance
  17. Trademark Applications/Patents/Copyrights