Corporate Litigation

Our Corporate Litigation team has the expertise in working with real world legal problems that businesses face. How a business handles and survives corporate litigation depends entirely on containment strategies.

When our business clients get into a dispute, we offer the same goal-driven, cost effective representation to help them reach the desired outcome. Our experience in Commercial Litigation allows us to preempt or curtail many disputes and negotiate settlements from pre-litigation resolution all the way through arbitration, mediation, and litigation.

We represent a broad range of clients and our attorneys understand that litigation can put at risk everything our clients worked so hard to achieve.

Epps & Coulson works to resolve our client’s business disputes through the most effective and profitable approach available. We will access the risks, cost, and benefits of litigation and provide you with the legal counsel both in and out of court.

Our litigation team handles issues arising out of various business relationships, including:

  1. Contract Disputes
  2. Partnership, Member or Shareholder Disputes
  3. Construction Disputes
  4. Property Interest
  5. Collective Bargaining Agreements
  6. Deceptive Trade Practices
  7. Employment Litigation
  8. Real Estate Loans/Workouts/Restructuring
  9. Creditors Rights
  10. Unlawful Detainer
  11. Asset-based Lending/Inventory/Business Assets
  12. Accounts Receivable Factoring
  13. Collection Litigation
  14. Bankruptcy
  15. Pre-Petition Remedies
  16. Third Party Creditors
  17. Employment Matters
  18. Class Action Defense
  19. Wage and Hour Defense
  20. Protection of Trade Secrets
  21. Administrative Proceedings
  22. Enforcement of Restrictive Covenants
  23. Non-Compete Agreements
  24. Corporate Control Actions
  25. Officer/Director Liability Issuesv
  26. Antitrust Actions
  27. Intellectual Property
  28. Investment Claims
  29. Lender Liability